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look at this nerd. look at this fucking homestuck furry i can’t believe i based him off campanella

he’s a courier and he really likes cats and homestuck. he also dabbles a bit in astronomy bc i’M FUCKING LAme

Inside I always knew, inside I always knew, that the spaceship that I made would never carry me to you.
I search for the meaning, I search for the meaning, but everything means that you are far away.
Inside I always knew, inside I always knew, that reaching you was impossible for me.
But still I keep on trying. I’ll always keep on trying.



very upset chandelure took zoroark’s rightful place on my team in the hall of fame B(((


There are things that I would rather leave unsaid
Fear of opening a long forgotten wound
There inside the castle I built all for myself
It was filled with an emptiness so deep that I could drown

man i really like. coloring this way

now time to work on the video

i tried thinking of something to put as a caption but i can’t think of nothin

so take a stressed crystal waiting for the bus or something

Once upon a time, yes, a very long time ago
Lived a family noble and old, whose children were very close
And on and on it goes….

sun-smudged peach moon
softer than an ice cream cone in June
and why is it that
lightning strikes so perfectly at night?